Madusa the Monster Truck Driver

When Debrah Miceli was first approached to drive a Monster Truck, she knew full well that the offer came because of the great following she had built in the pro wrestling business as Madusa. But to her it was never a publicity stunt. It was a great opportunity for this self-proclaimed motorhead to get involved in the world of motor sports. It was a new challenge, to control a 1,500 horsepower, 10,000 pound machine. And Madusa loves a challenge. Her rise to competitiveness against the world's greatest monster truck drivers in just six short years has been amazing, and there's no telling what's in store in the future. Considering her fearless rookie effort, no one was surprised when

Madusa came on strong in 2001, winning numerous freestyle competitions against powerhouses like Anderson, Tom Meents and Lyle Hancock. And while Madusa commanded respect from circuit veterans, she also earned the love and adoration of fans nationwide. Little girls placed blue streaks in their hair, and sold-out crowds often chanted her name. "Whenever somebody approaches me I know it's for a reason" Madusa said in recalling her entry into the Monster Jam world. "When (Clear Channel Vice President) Mike Weber approached me, knowing my background of riding Harleys and dirt bikes, and building motorcycles, I still had no inclination about anything with a Monster Truck. I mean I didn't know how to start one, how to tire one up, nothing. I had just seen them on TV and thought they were cool. I thought 'well I'll give that a try, I need a little more power under me than my Harley gives me'."

After deciding to accept Weber's offer to take a shot at driving a monster, it was off to North Carolina to train with the sport's icon, Grave Digger driver Dennis Anderson. "I think Dennis actually gave me the courage to give this a go. Then after I saved the truck and kept myself from going into the pond they all said 'Oh my God, you're hired'. It's been exciting. Whenever I approach something and try something and I like it I don't give up." She definitely has not given up. Madusa's awesome Ford F-150 has already become one of the most popular trucks on the circuit and her Anderson/Lyle Hancock influenced technique in freestyle has catapulted her to the status of top contender in each freestyle event she enters. She has also steadily improved her racing skills.

The 2004 season marked Madusa's fifth year of Monster Jam competition. It was just yesterday that this nurse-turned-wrestler-turned-driving menace was training at Dennis Anderson's infamous Diggers Dungeon, making her first U.S. Hot Rod circuit appearance at the Trans World Dome and ultimately executing a wicked flip at the 2000 Monster Jam World Finals. In 2004, she took freestyle to another level and picked up the Monster Jam World Finals freestyle co-championship in what turned out to be the first-ever 3-way tie. Along side Lupe Soza of El Toro Loco and Tom Meents in Maximum Destruction, her reign as the USHRA's "First Lady" did not end there.

After putting her entire focus on racing in 2005, she breezed her way through the Monster Jam World Finals brackets by beating Destroyer, El Toro Loco, and King Krunch in the semi-finals. Madusa won the Monster Jam World Finals Racing Championship beating her mentor and teacher, Dennis Anderson, in the finals. "Everything was there," said Madusa upon accepting her trophy, "I wanted it more than anything. Being a woman in a man's world, being a woman in a man's business, I'll tell you one thing ladies - it isn't easy."

Before becoming a Monster Jam icon, Madusa was one of the most celebrated professional wrestlers in the history of sports entertainment. As a three-time World Champion, Madusa's popularity extended to Japan and Thailand, where she also competed in Mauy Thai kickboxing. Her popularity in the ring lead to several big screen opportunities, including roles in Inner Sanctum II and Shoot Fighter II. She has been featured on TV shows such as Politically Incorrect, and Regis & Kathy Lee. Madusa has also been featured in magazines such as Marie Claire, Maxim en Espanol, Woman's Own, Femme Fatale, Rides magazine, and Italian publication, Amica, in addition to numerous newspaper articles and other press both in the US and internationally. . "I've been in pro wrestling 16 years, and when I came in I had to start at the bottom like everyone else" she explained. "When I came into monster trucking I said I don't want anything extra, I don't want to be riding in limos, I don't want to be anything thing different. I want to start at the bottom and work my way up." "I seem to always go toward things in life that are very competitive or controversial" Madusa continued. "I always seem to be in that position. I don't know why, but that's the way it happens. You know I'm like a good bottle of wine. As I age, I get better."

Madusa's love of danger and speed has prompted her try skydiving, race on NASCAR tracks, and engage in a lifelong relationship with Harley Davidson motorcycles, "My grandmother still rides a bike," says Madusa. When she's not competing, the Florida resident relaxes with her dog, Shyanne, or watches her favorite show, Aquateen Hunger Force. Her love of animals goes a long way. Madusa runs her own pet shop which provides various services like a grooming salon, daycare, kennel, and boutique. She occasionally enjoys a Butterfinger bar in an ice-cold glass of skim milk which she says is her "weakness". She is a very spiritual person who practices the Kabbalah, based on Jewish mysticism. As quite possibly the best known and most popular female wrestler in the history of, or what they now like to call, "sports entertainment," Madusa, is now here in the world of motorsports, with no scripts, just all out wars for crucial USHRA Monster Jam wins. Within a short time, she has become a huge player and made marks in the history books. From here, sky's the limit.

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