Forgive me it’s been forever since my last post…I haven’t been shaving a lot LOL (umm the name of my blog?)

To all my fans you now have the opportunity to speak with me via Click and make a request to VLOG and schedule a time now!!  Damn technology is amazing

My new year is about manifestation… I am sending out mega wats of power energy into the universe to bring all good to you and me. Of course based on how much we put in!!

Ever think about a manifesting challenge? It takes 21 days to gain a habit correct? I challenge you to go to my F.I.T.  feminine Intelligent tough IG page, click, like and tag 3 people and when my first program comes out consider joining and watch what happens. There will be videos, emails and some texts. I have working on this for a while and its almost done. stay tuned. Also Please go to my Podcast on all podcast platforms “Paving the way” 5 minute Mondays and take a listen… ITS FREE. However please like it, subscribe, again its free and leave a comment. Tell me what you would like to talk about and I just might have you on as a guest. You can hear it from my website Please leave a comment on my website.

Being accountable, showing up and its a new damn year!! Love this time of year hell I love the whole year. The favorite time for me is from September to Feb. 14th. Love the fall, riding my Harley up to the blue ridge mountains, staying in Maggie Valley and having the best damn pancakes. To top it off having a priest come to the table and give me a jar of moonshine… oh lord only in america. Cruising through the mountains the winding roads with the leaves turning. Finding a cabin and staying over night and while traveling finding an amazing waterfall, pulling over on my motorcycle, getting naked and jumping the fuck in some amazing clean cool water! Ummm cold ass water! we are talking sept. october here. LOL
Now we go into halloween oh lord I love scaring the shit out of my husband as you all may have seen on my social media. He hates it but i love it. OH the horror flicks look the hell out.. I binge watch all on @netflix and everything else I can. Alan refuses to watch but i crank up the volume as is shakes the house and it scares the hell out of no matter how many times I’ve watched it LOL

I have my favs…  the movie Saw,  I even have the video game and got so made i smashed the remote when I kept getting killed and threw it at the TV,
I have the most awesome halloween parties…I love parties
Then Thanksgiving… I LOVE TO COOK. This year I had left overs for over a week and my ass showed it. I am a fabulous baker just had to say that oh and on thanksgiving day? the Christmas tree comes out the Haunaka menorah is in place and hello PRESENTS…
I LOVE NEW YORK at this time and Alan and I love going there for the holidays a lot however our son is coming in from Italy he is stationed in the Army.
So we will plan everything around him… bake, decorate, eat wrap oh and workout!! no wait. ummm catch up on my sleep.
Then hello new year!
The year of the RAT! According to Chinese superstition doing any of these on Jan. 25th the day Chinese new Year falls in 2020 will lead to bad luck for the entire year. But it isn’t all doom and glom 2020 is the year of the RAT, an animal that symbolises wealth and the beginning of a new day.
Washing clothes, using scissors and sweeping floors are some of the easier omens to sidestep. However if you are a parent you might find it difficult to dodge crying children and on the more extreme end of the scale women might find it difficult to avoid leaving the house all day… LOL LOL LOL
Remember these are superstitions of the chinese. I believe it i read it on the internet.. HA! any way its fun and still be careful?
I am thankful for so many things this last year,
My husband, good health, family, ( the good ones) friends ( the ones that do not leave you in a crisis) and ALL OF YOU AMAZING FREAKING FANS!
What a year what a year. Beat myself up learning technical shit, damn social media, built my brand stronger, took some awesome pictures with some amazing people that made me look like a fricking rock star. Thanks you Anthony Neste photographer and others and the bad ass himself Make up artist Mickey Fitzpatrick. Love you guys.

Now I am decluttering again, giving to charities, having a garage sale, doing my Madusa’s garage sale on eBay it is the  7th year in a row. I am getting better with myself with a few things… that it is ok to get older, to love the shit out of myself and keep re-inventing Madusa. I have had many dreams during my past career when it was almost impossible to do what now is is so ready available.  I can live my dream at a much fuller age and enjoy it. With amazing content and opportunities with social media no one can’t make it… Its all in how you work. DO THE WORK.

I am freaking tired.. this is one of the last things i needed to do and get out before the 1st is over.whew!  I AM OWNING IT!





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