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Welcome everyone… 

This is a short bio of me. Madusa


Debrah (Miceli) there is a reason for these parentheses no its not where my husbands last name goes… It’s something bigger and that is part of my history. Debrah is who I am… Minnesota home girl, lived all over the world.
My central Florida home, a loaded keepsake amid my collection of homemade gym equipment, motorcycles, 80’s rock and guns. NOT to forget that I’m an adrenaline junkie, learning the piano and guitar, speaks japanese, Harley riding, wanted 10 kids however have 2 amazing stepchildren, greatest LOVE for animals, has a hippie vibe, also learning to be more of a minimalist, needs to vacation more and a drive that’s so passionate for life.

In my life, I have had many careers. By this, I don’t mean that I left one career and began another. I mean that I have turned some of my many interests into successful careers by visualizing;  They started with becoming an entrepreneur at the ripe age of 10! To my first real job onto nursing, pro wrestling, monster truck driving, dog grooming, yoga instructor, reiki master, CNHP, personal trainer and public speaker and entrepreneur.

This new website is a huge reflection of who I really am. Not a bunch of lies of shit that I never did or only talk about. It’s the result of my latest and greatest visualization… MY change into the biggest and most awesome transition. I am on to my new career with MY rules, how to live a life of abundance to enjoy the people and surroundings for which I choose.

My next venture is to help educate others with todays mind and health fads,  get them to recognize that feeling of change, that feeling of intuition before opportunity passes you by.

The goal of guiding others to help themselves.

Welcome to FIT- Feminine, Intelligent and Tough (make sure you check that page out.)

In addition to visualization, there’s plenty of self-motivation and dedication that goes with this.  I have taken the steps that I teach others and use them myself in my Mentor/Coaching practice programs. 

I am an only child ( all these years I thought so up until recently) let’s do this again…

I have a brother and a sister.

I have an employment history that started when I was 10 by mowing yards for 50 cents. By 14 my first job was at Arby’s at $2.70 an hour. With that job, I saved for my first vehicle and my first apartment. I am sharing this to give people an idea of what my life was like and how I overcame a lot of adversity by plowing through and visualizing my goals.

I have had several unique jobs in my lifetime. They have all been learning experiences that have led to a new career.

 I have been doing mentoring throughout my past careers and decided now to optimize and put it into yet another career goal. 

I’m a motivator. There is truth to what some have been telling me… Bottle that shit; you have the gift to influence people to better themselves and change their lives! Ummm, ok so I did. 

I motivate people, I fucking motivate people! Get up off your ass! Stop making excuses and #dothework 

A motto I live by… To teach others how to manifest and power think through negativity.

There is an art to this. It’s just knowing when that intuition is telling you what/when to do so. 

 I don’t do the work for you, I implement the tools to show you how

My life has been my path to where I am today, good or bad. I don’t regret any of the decisions I have made, even though I realize there are other decisions and paths I could have gone down. But I realize this has been the right path because I ended up doing what I love to do, helping others.

I am a very strong independent person. Sometimes that comes with a price. However, the bonus of it all is that I am married to my hero, a soldier in the United States Army who understands and appreciates my independence and together it works. On June 25, 2011, I married Alan Jonason, a Sergeant Major in the United States Army, in Memphis, Tennessee.

The wedding took place at Graceland, and was broadcast over the internet for over 22,000 fans. We absolutely had the best time ever. We both agree it was the best party we both have ever been to till this day!

We have animals and children that are endlessly giving and full of love. My life experiences, the company I HAVE CHOSEN to keep combined with the skills I have gained along the way are what makes me an effective mentor/coach to be able to educate others. 

My goal is to inspire people to their full potential with gratitude and to enhance their self worth with new beginnings. 

Well as you navigate through the pages enjoy and comment. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me more and I hope to meet you at one of my appearances. Don’t forget to check out my appearance page.

AND… thank you. Thank you for being here, reading this and being an amazing loyal fan. I couldn’t have done it without all of you.

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