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FIT- Feminine Intelligent and Tough


My name is Debrah AKA Madusa

I am a certified Life/Mentor coach that specializes in change and transition.

I have been educating family, friends and colleagues my entire career and now I have decided to fully put it into a profession. F.I.T. isn’t just for the body any more its Mind, Wellness and Soul. Our way of life has changed, always evolving and I love it. However with that some cannot keep up, get lost, are confused, anxiety. It’s become a very fast paced new way of life. Let’s face it if you are going to be in today’s world of social media, business, entertainment or even being a parent it takes a lot of planning, change and transitioning. With this lifestyle we also have learned to want many things FAST and that can be a downfall for some. Our well being and nutritional factors play a big role in our decision making. So with change it’s instant and transitions? Not so much this is where the magic happens and this is the area most important to develop your end result. This is where you listen to your body’s messages.

With today’s fast meal planning, buy my coaching mastery method, new diet health fads, get a beautiful body quick APP it’s all freaking confusing and we just don’t know where to go and plan. I knew when I retired from monster trucks that I wanted to be my own CEO and put together a program a method easy for everyone to follow. It’s called “Being Accountable” even when no one is looking! On this link it will take you through a series of easy options and

The basics, we have forgot our mental nutrition for the brain basics. Self love. Learn to pace and do not get caught up in everyone else’s business.  What we have developed is brain fog, anxiety, fear, uncertainty so much that some of our confidence is gone trying to keep up with those awesome JONE’S

This is for men and women. Most men know their femininity and women love men that are in tune to it. It doesn’t matter who you love, how small or big, or what color or religion we all have femininity.

Let me start with gratitude that you are here reading this.

I have been working on this for years, lost, uncertain, scared of failure and a bit confused. I wanted it to be so perfect and flawless because I was worried about what other people would think of my transition from the entertainment world.

My passion is people. It’s me. I love encouraging others to do better, to show them what works and then hopefully they will follow through. I can not do the work for you, if you want long lasting results you have to do the work. Your journey is your map to the end result. You control you.

I have hundreds of wonderful people asking me please put together a coaching program on how to keep my motivation, how to get started, a book of your affirmations, an accountability planner and to help coach me recognize that change is ok and prepare for that transition.

My philosophy of life is that we manifest and radiate the thoughts we want over and over.

When do you do that? First thing when I wake up. I believe in the 90/10 it needs to occur in our minds consistently over and over.  Our thoughts have the power to become reality. To create your reality you must envision it. I’m here to teach you how to do that.

As I have told all my clients showing up is your first step to completion, congratulations!

For you to get out of bed, you have to have will power and the desire. Start with self love. Know you are worthy of all your dreams. Set your goals to be your motivation. Then your motivation becomes the fuel for your goals.

Here’s an example. In 2005, I visualized one of my greatest victories and that goal came to fruition.

I’m a Monster Truck driver. It’s one of the many things I have done and love.

In 2005 at the World Finals in Las Vegas, I visualized myself beating my mentor at racing. Now that was a pretty big visual, however I never batted an eye. I pursued my goal and I won!

You see? I utilize visualization, big-time!  I visualize and pursue my goals all the way to the end result. Some feel they cannot visualize its ok.

This website is the result of my latest and greatest visualization-the goal of helping others help themselves.

In addition to visualization, there’s plenty of self-motivation and dedication that goes with this. And I have taken the steps that I teach others and use them myself in my Life Coaching practice.

I have had several unique jobs in my lifetime. They have all been learning experiences that have led to Wellness Life Coaching. 

My life and my past journey is why I am where I am today, good or bad. I don’t regret any of the decisions I have made, even though I realize there are other decisions and paths I could have gone down. But I understand because I ended up doing what I love to do, helping others.

I’m pursuing my Doctorate of Naturopathy degree ( it seems like forever)  

My personal interests are varied. I love to mountain bike, riding my Harley, love animals, racing, hiking, crafts, scuba diving, writing and being an entrepreneur. 

Manifest we manifest in what we receive. I truly believe this. This is why I lead my clients to focus. To focus is to practice, to be in the present, to relax, unwind and gather. It’s a very healthy approach. Its sister component is just being you! We need to respect ourselves first before we can do anything else. Life is a gift, so unwrap it gently.

I teach people to tap into their intuitiveness. It’s a gift we all have but most aren’t aware of it or how to make it work for us.

I work with people who are fed up with today’s health fads, teach them to listen to their bodies’ messages and educate them on healthy choices. Believe it or not what we eat affects over 50% of our lifestyles outcome. From sleeping, movement, confidence

My choice and practice are blessings to me. I continue my education so I can share it with others to guide them to better choices for a better life.  But it’s all up to you, the client.

Here’s an analogy. Think of me as your co-pilot. I guide you to the destination, while teaching you how to build the steps to get there. I do not do your work for you I merely help with the landing and takeoff!  

Ok, can you explain the part of the line that is bold to me? Everything else looks good.