I had a huge moment of the fell goods and  awesomeness flow through me and wanted to share my up coming project.
When you go to my Website Madusa.com or F.I.T. Feminine Intelligent Tough Page on IG or my FB page F.I.T. This is a sample of what and how the coaching lessons could go and look like. So excited to share this next journey with all of you.

Example of one of your modules:

Instead of “attacking” the stress and “getting rid” of the stuff, as most methods teach, this course will help you work more gently to release the underlying causes – the patterns, resistances, attachments – of anything that holds you back. One minute of “slow drip” clearing morphs into more minutes, less effort, and less baggage. The result? A clearer home, a quieter mind, a calmer nervous system, more ease, space and light–and a lot more happiness.
Dont forget when you go to my website, click on the FIT button and inquire about the packages, sign up for a free consultation ( you need to do this in order to receive the free E-book) you get a FREE E-book.
Stay tuned and thank you for all your awesomeness of support and great encouragement to do all of this. Its literally been years in the making.
Lord I am about to pee myself of excitement. LOL

Questions?  Ask me a question down below. Looking forward to all of your replies


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