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Lord what the hell am I doing. I have never written a damn blog in my life let alone want to express inner true feelings out in public. 

However I have been thinking that I could do it in a way that it’s about me, my views, my experiences, my thoughts and yes mostly in the damn shower shaving. That’s how I came up with the name. 

Well to be honest I’ve  been telling myself to be more transparent about the things in the past, Plus a little more about what is going on a day to day basis.

What I say and that I do. So about the “thoughts while shaving” title. A past friend of mine that I have known for over 30 years? We were having a conversation and somehow this title came up. Don’t know who actually came up with it so if its her here’s your credit.

If not, let’s just say I am that damn good. Oh I do have that tattooed on my ass…

So to start off my first blog I want to talk about change and transition.

I have found it to be quite convoluting. I have hit “change” like a freaking Mac truck lately and I find myself swirling like water in a tub draining the opposite way as it does in Australia. Didn’t know water did that down under? Go check it out… mind blowing!!  Especially while you are in a tub with a glass of wine, listening to your favorite Led Zeppelin tune and then you open the plug to drain the water and you think you are on some magic carpet ride!

No seriously fucking mind blowing. I have to admit as I got out and watched it drain and as soon as it was done I filled it partially up again just to watch it drain… Plus it gave me an excuse to suck down another glass of Australia’s magnificent wines. LOL I had to make sure I was seeing what I just saw. 

Ok back to change.  I mean damn I do teach this in my coaching practice but who would think that change is a word that had an effect on everything you do, say, create, build, plan and etc.

So as I get older I find change to be a dirty word. I am being facetious of course however when you do get older change gets scarier (especially naked people).

Well of course I find it challenging in a fun way like for instance. When feeling sexy for my husband and I want to plan a date night to WOW him. So I get inventive and dig DEEP in my lingerie drawer hoping to find some awesome stuff like silky stuff in pinks, purples and blacks. I have it in my mind what I want and I picture what it should look like. Do you ever go to that place in your head on what you think it should look like and you pull it out of the drawer only to find something from your first marriage? WTH!! a garter belt with the elastic all stretched and stockings with nasty ass runs, an old bra from? Oh lord and some sexy panties that are very questionable? DAMN!

I am not that girl… I hate lingerie, well the truth is I never felt comfortable in it nor sexy. I tried, lord I have tried to wear that crap.

I have taken a new approach it’s called CHANGE and for me to be more comfortable within my own skin. Damn crepe skin, dark circles under the eyes, some flesh that hangs under your arms like a flag waving in the wind oh and not to mention your hair thinning and teeth get more yellow. Oh did I say the ass has dissipated to the back of your knees?  What the fuck is sweating every 20 minutes and peeing 3x a night? LMAO

It’s not easy people when you are fucking 56 and trying to look like the stripper from a TV show.

To Boost things up I thought I would surprise myself and of course my hubby… I have taken a pole class and it was phenomenal. I have so much respect for them ladies, my goodness. When practicing the fireman’s carry for half the day I don’t know who was more excited the damn pole at the dance studio or my husband. Thinking about this now if I would have known JLO was filming the new movie Hustler here in Tampa Florida I would have auditioned. LOL

Now mind you I could not walk for a week after doing that acrobatic maneuver but I lived and it was a great story for later.

In the process of change there is fear. What I have learned from this is when change happens we sometimes don’t even plan it… it just happens. Sometimes we don’t want it to or its perfect timing.

Either or there is still fear from the unknown. We can plan for pregnancy, we can plan for a new job, we can plan for our retirement or a wedding but sometimes just sometimes there is a swerve in there that totally puts us in a situation where we don’t know what to do.

We think logically, or we shut down mentally or we run away or we seek help.

I know with change, take it from someone that has lived a little, embrace the suck no really embrace the moment as soon as change happens, see what is around you, smell, taste, look, feel listen.

Then pay attention to your body. How does it feel? are you shaking, are you sweating are you dizzy or are you laughing, crying or simply stoned face.

All of these are crucial to your change. The biggest feeling is your intuition.

I have learned and studied about intuition and help educate others of what this powerful tool we ALL have is.

We can learn immensely from our intuition.

Especially in what our first move is to change.

Once you embrace your surroundings to the change notice what direction you shift and how.

Now enters… transition. This is a journey. It’s a process. A transition is or could be for example feelings from a loved one you recently loss and you are dealing with all sorts of emotions.

We don’t know how long your grieving will be because I  know after my experience of loss I will never stop grieving. I learned during my transitions to be more vigilant to be more compassionate towards a family member with a chronic disease, to have more empathy towards people that are less fortunate etc.

Transitions are different for everybody, it’s a learning experience. Not for two weeks or a month or a year it could take a long time.

You also could be going through multiples of transitions and this is very exhausting but we all do it.

As I continue to live life and change I learn to face F.E.A.R.  False Evidence Appearing Real

The most common label for fear is anxiety, a less fundamental emotion that arises purely from our own thoughts, not external reality. 50 years of cognitive psychology research demonstrates that while we cannot always control how we feel, we do have the power to choose how to think and act. 

So as I end my first blog,  I choose to buy that sexy outfit for the hubby. 

Shopping for that hot sexy lingerie, facing my fear of being that 56 year old in a negligee ready to bust a move and hoping my husband will enjoy the fundamentals of a fireman’s carry and enjoy some alternative moves LOL 

Go get your fear on people it’s exhilarating and challenge yourself. I want to know what your fear is and how you choose to overcome it!

Until next time my sexy amazing people…

I will be in the shower having my thoughts while shaving.

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